About JMA Technology
JMA Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JMA Aluminum Group. JMA conforms to the development of the times and develops into the aluminum industry chain in an all-round way.
Downstream expansion and extension, making full progress to aluminum parts of new energy vehicles, and becoming a benchmark enterprise in the industry.


Exported to countries and regions around the world.


Billion brand value


Products cover the whole country.


Develop industry standards

(* Data source JMA Group)
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Transportation category
Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, shipbuilding industry, high-speed rail, subway, aircraft and aerospace, etc.
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  • Electronic communication class
    4G, 5G, 6G antennas, aluminum parts of base stations, 3C electronic products (mobile phones, tablet computers, VR products, etc.)
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    Electronic communication class
  • Household appliances
    Computers, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, televisions, induction cookers, vacuum cleaners, household appliances, small household appliances, etc.
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    Household appliances
  • Industrial high-end equipment category
    Robots, thermal management of industrial equipment (chassis cooling system), industrial motors (common motors, servo motors), industrial automation engineering equipment, etc.
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    Industrial high-end equipment category
  • Optical equipment class
    Security equipment, binoculars, photographic equipment, copiers, printers, etc.
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    Optical equipment class
  • Rehabilitation instruments
    Medical equipment, medical rehabilitation appliances, etc.
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    Rehabilitation instruments
  • High-end furniture and high-end decoration
    Office furniture, high-end interior decoration, etc.
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    High-end furniture and high-end decoration
Product Applications
Be brave in innovation and exploration, persist in pursuing perfection.
To realize intelligent manufacturing, we should take the manufacturing of aluminum alloy parts for new energy vehicles and specialized, refined, special and new industrial aluminum products as the development direction, so as to be superior, stronger and bigger, and accelerate the pace of strategic transformation and upgrading.
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Production equipment
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Quality control
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Production process
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